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Image of Alice PawleyAlice L. Pawley is an Assistant Professor in the School of Engineering Education at Purdue University. She holds an affiliate appointment in the Women’s Studies Program.  She is a former blogger at Scienceblogs, co-blogging at “Sciencewomen”.

She grew up in south-central Wisconsin, and went to school in England, France, Canada, and the US. Both of her parents were born in England, and her family lives in Wisconsin, British Columbia, Pennsylvania and Iowa as well as England, India and Australia. She now lives in Indiana. Her parents and sister are all faculty members at universities, and her brother is a nurse.  Her husband also works at Purdue in the School of Engineering Education.

Dr. Pawley obtained a Bachelors of Engineering degree in Chemical Engineering at McGill University, graduating with distinction in 2000.  She attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison for graduate studies, completing a Master’s of Science degree in Industrial Engineering in 2003 (thesis title: “A Class of Their Own: Impact of a Supplementary Curriculum for Developing Critical Thinking about “Women in Engineering” in First-Year Women Engineering Students”).  She completed her Ph.D in Industrial and Systems Engineering, with a minor in women’s studies, in 2007; her dissertation was titled “Where do you draw the line? A study of academic engineers negotiating the boundaries of engineering.”

Dr. Pawley worked in the Engineering Learning Center and the Wisconsin Engineering Education Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for several years, working with teaching assistants teaching engineering learning community courses to first-year engineering students.  She developed the LINKS program, part of the NSF-funded Foundation Coalition, and started and developed the UW-Madison College Fellows Program, conducted in the late 1990s.

With the funding of the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning, an NSF-funded Engineering Education Center, Dr. Pawley moved her work to participate in the development of the Delta Program, the UW-Madison manifestation of CIRTL.  She contributed to the development of the CIRTL pillars, teaching-as-research, learning community, and learning-through-diversity.  She helped design and implement the Expeditions in Learning program, and developed, co-taught, and evaluated the Diversity in the College Classroom course.

Dr. Pawley currently teaches in both the first year engineering program and the graduate engineering education program at Purdue University.  She co-developed the course ENE 590 “History and Philosophy of Engineering Education” with colleagues Robin Adams and Karl Smith, co-teaching it in the fall of 2007 and 2008.  She co-taught with Dr. Adams in the falls of 2009 and 2010, and is co-teaching in the fall of 2011 with Dr. Brent Jesiek.

Her research group, Research in Feminist Engineering (RIFE), is made up of diverse researchers from different years and different disciplines, and focuses exploring feminist research questions to create a more democratic engineering profession by helping engineers and engineering educators to use new analytical tools and frameworks.

Dr. Pawley is proud as all-get-out of her research group.

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